On November 6th,the award-giving ceremony of HLHL Prize for 2018 was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.Yan Chunhua,president of Lanzhou University (LZU) and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,won "Science and technology prize in chemistry of HLHL Funds".Wang Xudong,alumnus of LZU and president of Dunhuang Academy,won "Science and technology prize in regional innovation of HLHL Funds".Academician Yan Chunhua devoted himself to the research on the theory and applicatio...


On October 31th,Igor Gryniv Svetlana Aleksijevitj,the advisor to Ukrainian President,led a delegation of 15 members,including president of the National Academy of Presidential Administration of Ukraine,dean of Ukraine National Lviv Conservatory of Music,president of National Political Theorists Association,to visit LZU,accompanied by Ding Jianwei,councillor of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine.Yan Chunhua,president of LZU and vice president Pan Baotian met with them.Yan Chunhua expresse...


The 2018 International Genetic Machines Competition (iGEM) was held in Boston,USA from October 25th to 29th.A total of 343 teams,including most of global First-class universities,participated in the competition.Lanzhou University (LZU) team—LZU-CHINA won the gold medal with the project "Vesicle Attacker"in the competition,and won three single awards nomination,including the best drug therapy project,the best basic components and the best new combination components,three single award no...